The Cool Change by Jessica Scherping

SNO, formerly known as Sizenineoz, have recently undergone some major changes within the business. Previously retailing sneakers online, the brand has decided to move on from the footwear business into street apparel.

Why the change? Near the end of what was Sizenineoz, the team put their heads together and made a unanimous decision to change the direction of the sneaker business into a multifaceted brand. We felt as a team that we had the capacity to do something more creative than just sell sneakers. The team then took almost a year off to plan and rebrand the future direction of SNO.

With a completely fresh take, the team began working on re-launching the brand under the new name, SNO, and the new vision to become a lifestyle brand.

“SNO is a lifestyle brand that strive to make quality pieces for men and women. Founded in Melbourne, the sports capital of Australia, SNO unifies the foundations of athletic wear with the edgy elements of street style.”

What’s next for SNO? The end of 2015 saw SNO’s first release. The staple tee was the brands debut into the street wear scene, with a simple logo design. Their first lookbook was created from this release, you can watch the behind the scenes video below.

2016 will be the year that SNO has their first sports inspired releases, keep updated as you don’t want to miss out on this cool change. 

Credits to BLY DVS for the track.